Use our services to fill gaps in
Account-Based Marketing

Step 1: Size up internal capabilities & assets

Assess in-house capabilities and resources.
Consider these key items:


Executive Buy-in

Sales & Marketing aligned & collaborating

Marketing evaluated on revenue impact


Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Target Account List (TAL) with Tiering

Buyer Insight

Buyer Journey

Content Mapping to Buyer Journey

Account Plans

• KPIs


Website Builder

IP Lookup

Google Analytics or comparable

Image & Content Management


Take the
Account-Based Assessment

Step 2: Use our services to fill gaps

We help align groups around a common goal, accelerate time-to-market, get around bandwidth constraints and reduce risk.

Our services are customized to your needs and produce these deliverables:

  • Build the business case, win over detractors & get executive buy-in on the Account-Based Microsite initiative
  • Identify, quantify and test how marketing can add value to sales
  • Align sales and marketing with defined roles and co-created assets
  • Define key attributes that define the Ideal Customer (ICP)
  • Use the attributes to prioritize and tier accounts (TAL)
  • Develop insights by interviewing internal (e.g. sales, pre-sales) and external (e.g. partners, customers)
  • Create relevant and compelling personalized messaging by tier
  • Set-up and monitor key metrics
  • Recommend sales and marketing technology
Account-Based Microsites

A simple alternative to your corporate website by providing 
1:1 account personalization.

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