The ABM Big Bang is rare

Big Bang Theory refers to a popular show or can describe a Big Bang approach to launching projects.

With a Big Bang deployment, the full solution is rolled out immediately versus a phased approach where the solution is rolled out over time or a parallel approach where the old and new solutions operate simultaneously

Have you ever heard of a Big Bang Account-Based Marketing rollout?

Probably not, as account-based marketing projects start with a small group of friendlies in sales. Marketing gets small wins and grows ABM once sales advocates are on board.

With this in mind, at LAX offer an ABM initiative that includes the core elements of ABM: a focused group of accounts targeted with a stream of highly relevant, personalized messaging co-created by sales & marketing.
This ‘ABM-in-a-box’ approach focuses on a well-defined deliverable: the Account-Based Microsite. It includes a framework that we use to help you build and scale account-based microsites with your internal resources and martech.

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