Enable buying with
Account-Based Microsites

One-to-one Microsites that deliver essential information to
high potential accounts in the sales pipeline.


Fueled by Conversations with Buyers

Microsites are hyper-personalized as sales progressively develops
insight on buyers during each stage of their buying journey.

Sales converses with buyers and
develops insight

The Microsite is developed and
continually updated as conversations

Champion Buyers review and
validate essential information
for their buying team

The Microsite is shared by the
Champion with the buying team to
build consensus

Sales Enablement
Buyer Enablement

Buyers Strategically

Develop the buying vision.

Microsites answer three fundamental buyer questions:

1 Why change?
2 Why now?
3 Why you?

This diagram is a visualization of how your solution is positioned in the buyer's environment or tech stack
The urgency to resolve a problem is expressed in the buyer's words and aligned to corporate priorities
This microsite creates a buying vision by including messaging on why the buyer should change, why now, solution requirements and internal capabilities required.
The insight to create the messaging on this microsite is derived from sales conversations with the buyer.
Only case studies directly relevant to the buyer are listed. Assets are not gated.

Controlled Environment

Under your full control and integrated to your business:

  • Under your full control and integrated to your business:
  • Sales informs and approves the Microsite. Marketing deploys
  • The design complies with branding guidelines
  • Built with your marketing technology
  • Visible to buyers as a semi-private or password-protected microsite

How We Help

Scale 1 to 1 account personalization with our insight, training and team facilitation.

Account-Based Services

High Value Use Cases

Microsites fill gaps in the sales & marketing mix for acquisition,
retention and upsell/cross-sell programs.

Late Funnel Marketing Impact

Marketing invests to double down on high potential accounts engaged in the mid-to-late funnel.


Website Alternative

Large accounts require easy-to-find information addressing their company’s priorities and initiatives. Microsites offer a hyper-personalized alternative.

Unified Message

Buyers get diverse and sometimes conflicting messaging from sales and marketing. Microsites communicate one version of the truth.